All of my projects are available under the MIT license and are free to use and modify.

Veldrid NuGet


An advanced graphics and compute library written entirely in .NET. Veldrid supports a wide range of graphics API’s and operating systems:

  • Vulkan, Direct3D 11, Metal, OpenGL (ES)
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

ImGui.NET NuGet

Game Engine Editor GUI Using ImGui.NET

A .NET wrapper for the awesome Dear ImGui library. This uses an “immediate mode” UI paradigm, which allows you to quickly and easily build many different kinds of specialized applications, like game engine editors.

ShaderGen NuGet

A .NET library and build tool that allows you to write portable GPU shaders in C#. It uses Roslyn to process the semantic model of your code and outputs several types of shaders: HLSL, GLSL, SPIR-V, and Metal.

vk NuGet

Low-level Vulkan bindings for .NET, written to be as close to native Vulkan and with as little overhead as possible.

Crazy Core

Crazy Core Level 4 Crazy Core Level 7

A cross-platform 3D game engine and game built with very early versions of .NET Core. Features real-time 3D graphics, physics, audio, and a complete cross-platform editor with live code editing and reloading.